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Bjørnvika Natursenter


Skålvikveien 15

Sømna, Norway

Tel: +47 970 20 202 / +47 75 02 94 50

Map coordinates:


65.305839, 12.102297

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Our crew

Benny Tjønnøy

I am Benny Tjønnøy and I´m the owner of Bjørnvika Natursenter. I look forward to see you here at our campingsite, where you hopefully will find an ideal combination of silence and recreation.

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Willy Tjønnøy

In 1992 my father Willy Tjønnøy funded Bjørnvika Natursenter. As an experienced fisherman - and handyman - he is still an important part of the everyday life here at Bjørnvika.

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